Pitt Rivers: The museum that's returning the dead

Title: Pitt Rivers: The museum that's returning the dead
Author: Dave Gilyeat
Media Outlet: BBC News
Publish Date: January 29, 2019

“In Oxford, the Pitt Rivers Museum - founded with the collection of a Victorian general, Augustus Pitt Rivers - holds about 2,000 such specimens.


"We can't undo history but we can be a part of the process of healing," says Laura van Broekhoven, director of the museum.

She says the process is about having an "open conversation" with those affected.”

(…) Ashley Jackson, professor of Imperial and military history at King's College, believes if the situation was reversed, there would be strong feelings in the UK.

"If a museum in Beijing or Harare had the remains or funeral regalia of an important king or archbishop there'd be an enormous movement to try and get them back here," he says.”